On Vacation

Hi guys! I just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be on vacation from tomorrow until August 9th! After that… my school starts on the 12th. Don’t worry, I’ll still have time for blogging!

I’d like to introduce two people who will be on the blog while I’m gone:

  • My best friend in real life, Candyo3otwins (we share the account)! She will be moderating comments for me. Thank you, Candy!
  • The new Accountant at the PlazaPoints store, Icyblue111! She will be in charge of the PlazaPoints accounts and balances. Thank you, Icy!

And, if you are curious to where I am going… simply unscramble the phrase below! If you figure it out, the last two words (no space in the code) can be used as a PlazaPoints code that’s worth 5 points!


See you all in a week!


5 thoughts on “On Vacation

    • August 12th was my first day of school. It’s different for many areas, like in New York they start in like September but end later. Where I live, in the south, it starts in August, but that usually means that school ends earlier. The dates are different for many places, but in the end it all balances out. By the way, since icyblue111 did invite you, I will give her a triple entry promo code for the raffle. Thanks for letting me know!

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