This blog has come a long way.

Hi all!

This blog has come a long way in just 18 days. My previous blog, which I had for a couple months, didn’t receive these many hits in the total duration that it existed.

And I’d like to thank you all for that. My dream of making a blog that people actually read has come true. Maybe I only have 650 views. Maybe I only have 7 followers, not including myself. Maybe I only have 8 posts, 25 pages, and 14 comments.

But it means so much to me. So much that I feel guilty when I’m so busy that I don’t have time to blog. So much that I’m always thinking about my viewers, what they want and what I have.

So I’ve made some goals for myself. I’ve decided to share them with you because nobody knows what’s best for this blog more than you all.

August 31

  • I will release the Olympic Arena page.
  • Sponsor sign-up will also be opened; the other sign-ups will remain locked until the sponsor quota has been filled.
  • On that day, if you find a balloon anywhere on this blog, it’s worth 50 PlazaPoints. If you find a snowflake balloon, it’s worth 100 PlazaPoints. PlazaPoints redemption will be same as always, just instead of the code, copy and paste or save and insert the snowflake.
  • Why on August 31? Because it’s the blog’s 1-month anniversary. I can’t celebrate the 6-month anniversary, because it will be during the Fantage Olympics AND only 5 days after my birthday. I can’t celebrate the 3-month anniversary, because it will be on Halloween and so close to my sister’s birthday, and everybody will be celebrating and nobody will have time for the blog celebration. So I’ve decided to do the 1-month anniversary because (1) it’s a major milestone, and (2) it’s on a Saturday, so not only I but everybody should have time to join in the celebration!

So my goals that need to be completed by August 31 are:

  • Have the giveaway (but that means I need to have enough followers and/or viewers first!)
  • Complete as much as I can for the Olympics.
  • Revamp the blog… which I need your help on.

My plan is to close down the Internet Café and make a Fantage Bloggers United Headquarters, where you can order things for your blog, sell things from your blog, join the organization, sign the treaty, and much more. More details will come out later.
DISCLAIMER: FBU and the FBU Headquarters are my ideas. If anybody is caught copying, he or she will be strictly penalized and will be reported to whichever host website that is being used. Plagiarism is illegal and the consequences can be very strict and harsh.

And of course, I need to create more pages, continue posting daily if I can, and change the background (which, by the way, I will make by myself).

If you don’t like the ideas, please tell me! I only want what’s best for the blog and the viewers. Thank you!


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