Weekly Updates

Hi everyone!

I’m so glad today’s Friday. Aren’t you?

I have just completed my second week of school, and it already feels like the middle of the year. That’s okay, I’ll manage.

I know I’ve completely abandoned the Fantage Herald, I’d better start working on it again soon! Meanwhile, if anybody would like to help out, you can head over to the Employment Office to view details about jobs.

This weekend I’ll be really busy, working on the Fantage Olympics! Remember, the info page will be released on August 31, but the Games itself start on January 18, so remember to visit the blog on both days!

But let’s not forget about the raffle. I have 11 followers currently, not including myself, but for the raffle, I need 25! I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to 25 before August 31, so I’m going to change it.

When I receive 1500 hits OR 15 followers, I will have the raffle. To speed up that process, there will be a promotion.If you refer a friend, ask your friend to comment anywhere on the blog in the following format:

Hi! I’m __(fantage username)___. My friend ____(your fantage username)_____ invited me to this blog.

Why would you do that? Because in the raffle, if you invite a friend, you will receive a promo code that you can use to TRIPLE your entries in the raffle! If you don’t want to use it in this raffle, that’s alright too! Just remember to use it before the expiration date.

Seriously guys, I only need 4 more followers.  That’s 4 referrals. 4 triple entry promotion codes.

I want to do the giveaway, and I know you guys want it too. The giveaway won’t benefit me; I don’t do any donate-for-entries type of things.
Plus, if this giveaway goes well, there will probably be a couple more between the time of now and my birthday. If not, maybe this will be one of the last, at least until the blog is more popular. Remember, more prizes can be added any time!raffle1 prize


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