Back to being busy again…

The long weekend is getting over! (By the way, happy Labor Day!) Luckily, it’ll be a short week. I most likely will not be able to make  a post every day, but I will blog on the weekend.
Some quick announcements before I get too busy again:

  • Lots of new followers have had trouble finding the Premium Plaza password in the email. You know when you click follow, you get an email in your inbox that should say “Click this button to confirm follow”? That’s the email that has the password. However, when I tried it while logged in, you only get a “Confirmed Follow” email. I’ll have to think of a better way to do this, but for now, if you do not have the Premium Plaza password, it is *hidden*. It’s going to be hidden right after I publish this post, so check your email! For all future followers, email me at and I will reply with the password.
  • No balloons will be accepted for PlazaPoints now; it was a one-day-only promotion. I will hide new PlazaPoints codes soon, though!
  • The Fantage Bloggers United © Headquarters are coming soon to Fantage Plaza, it’s one of the things I will have to work on over the weekend!
  • If you are not already a sponsor for the Fantage Olympics, here’s an incentive! All sponsors who donate 2,500 or more eCoins will get an advertisement at the beginning or end of each live event streaming video! I will be very lenient however, so if I think you deserve it then by all means I will give to to you.
  • There’s a contest going on if you didn’t already know! Check the Happy 1 Month Anniversary, Fantage Plaza! post for the details. Remember, I check my email daily, so email me or comment if you have any questions about the contest.
  • The raffle so far has been a HUGE success, I think I will have plenty more to come! Let’s see how the remainder of the current raffle goes.
  • Fantage Plaza needs your help, especially with the Fantage Herald! If you have plenty of spare time and really want to earn PlazaPoints, you should consider getting a job at the Plaza!
  • Speaking of PlazaPoints, over the weekend I will be adding new items up for sale at the PlazaPoints Store.

That’s it for now, sorry for the long post!


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