Happy Friday!

Hi guys! I’m so glad today’s Friday; aren’t you!? It’s been a really busy week for me D:

Anyways, this weekend, I will focus on adding new items to the PlazaPoints Store, earning eCoins for the funds of the Olympics, and create the Fantage Bloggers United © Headquarters.

Speaking of the Olympics, you might have noticed a page coming soon that’s title is with blanks. I will not unveil it right away; I have to get at least 5 sponsors before I can get the coordinators, and after I get the coordinators I will be able to get the athletes. The page has something to do with athletes which I can’t tell you yet. 😉

Besides from the usual updates, I have a Halloween surprise for you all! Like I said, it’s a surprise, so no hints whatsoever yet. Once Halloween comes near I will let you all know! I hope you all will like it!


I talk too much.. but that’s what blogging is about. What all have you all done this week? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great weekend, everybody!


3 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. My week was real busy too. The whole week I barely been in class. I wasn’t in class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday since I was helping out with athletics and stuff. But I had heaps of fun.

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