The raffle has ended!

Hi guys!

Well like I said yesterday, I haven’t been getting any new entries, so I said that I will announce the winners on Sunday.

It increased my followers and views immensely and was overall a huge hit. You can expect many more giveaways and raffles in the next few months!

I had 12 entrants. That’s not bad at all for a new blog!

But here’s the WOW factor…

In total, I had 146 entries.

Thank you so much for joining, it really means a lot to me. And if you don’t win, don’t be upset. There’s a contest going on right now, to make a birthday card for Fantage Plaza. The prize is a limited blue dress, and if a boy happens to win, then I will give a limited board! The details can be found at the Happy 1 Month Anniversary, Fantage Plaza! post.

So anyways, here are the results:

raffle 1 resultsI’m not surprised that Icyblue111 won; she had 45 entries.

Here’s her secret:

She got the maximum number of entries because she did everything that I mentioned. That equals 15 entries.

She also invited a friend when I made a post asking everyone to. I said that I’d give them a code that would triple their entries in the raffle.

15 • 3 = 45


Congratulations Icy! Please claim your prize within one week, or else it goes to Sindy.

And to everybody else: don’t forget that there’s still a contest going on! Or else it’s either Icy or Sindy who gets the prize because they’re the only two who have entered.

Thank you again to everybody for making this raffle a huge hit!


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