Guys, be careful of such emails like this. As legit as they may seem, they are not real Fantage emails! The email address was FANTAGE DOES NOT USE LIVE.COM!


You may scroll through the email and look for the parts in bold and that serve as clues. In red are my comments.



Hello, Fantagian: candyo3otwins,

During our screening for upcoming updates, the data collected has shown that your user, believepretty (copied and pasted from another email and forgot to change to candyo3otwins; Fantage would have robots send these types of emails) has had unusual activity from a different location.
The data collected has shown your account has been logged onto several times from 2 different locations. 
The IP address claims to be in Orlando, Florida, United States of America.
If the location found through the IP is NOT the location you access through, or you are sure no one knows your password living in that area, we strongly recommend that you take full action to protect your account. 
During our screening for update data on we have seen numerous incidents where hacking into other users’ accounts takes place. Another problem, we have is users scamming each other’s items. While we have warned users not to take part in two-part-trades, they still do. Because of this, no action can specifically be taken that will satisfy the users, such as removing  the Trade N’ Sell and/or allowing Star to eCoin item trades… e.t.c. (improper grammar and totally unrelated)
One thing we can do, and we aim to do is prevent hacking between users. 
Any accounts with such activity detected will automatically be moved to a folder which our Customer Support staff will later on take care of. 
Fantage User candyo3otwins is one of the accounts with such activity found. To protect your account we strongly recommend that you change your password. Our goal is to keep a a safe virtual world for kids, we can to keep it an hack-free place as well. 
Please reply with following information to our Customer Support Desk ( and the changes will be made to your account as soon as possible.
(asking for account info)
Current Password:
New Password:
Please Note: If you use the “Saved Avatar” option of your computer, the changes will not take affect (incorrect grammar) once the password is changed. Please delete it and upon logging in again, you may re-select the “Save Avatar” option. 
Thank you for you time and visiting! 
Yours Truly,
The Fantage Customer Support Team 
September 19, 2013 11:05 AM 
Dear Fantage Admins/Staff,
 The Fantage Updates team have a message for all the staff at the Customer Support Desk ( During the screening for’s upcoming update this spring, we have collected data that tells us, hacking is a very frequent issue now. To avoid this, the REV-X drive scanning data with the accounts with unusual activity detected will be automatically be moved to the rar.hack folder. All staff at the Customer Service Desk must take time to notify the users with the accounts with suspected hacking. A copy of the template you are to e-mail will be provided this afternoon. Please FORWARD this template onto the Fantage users. Please notify one of the main admins if you have any questions. For Admin Sarah, please submit the Final Updates folder for the current Chocolate event on Fantage to The FU Team.  Thank you.
– M
Fantage Admin

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