More of the usual updates, but these are kind of important 🙂

  • I (Candy) will be out of state on a school trip, from October 7-9. We’ll be riding horses, hiking, zip-lining, and lots of other fun stuff! Last year I couldn’t go because I got a fever the night before leaving 😦
  • When I return, my Fall Break will begin. It will end on October 14th, and I will return to school the following day.
  • If I do not reach 2,000 views or 35 followers or 2,000 eCoins donated by next weekend, I will open the Coordinator sign up the following weekend, regardless of reaching the goal or not (because of my trip).
  • School keeps me so busy, I don’t even get on Fantage anymore! Anybody willing to be an author to post events for me? The starting salary will be 40 PlazaPoints per month! Please comment if you are interested.


I’ll miss you all! Don’t have too much fun without me! Haha, just kidding.



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