See you in a couple days!

Hey guys, I’m about to turn off my laptop and get ready for tomorrow’s trip 🙂


Yikes– a regular school day would mean me waking up at 6:45… tomorrow it’s 4:30! I can sleep on the bus though.


I can’t wait!


Well I just wanted to say bye, I’ll see you guys soon!


10 thoughts on “See you in a couple days!

      • I had a ton of fun! On the first half-day we hiked to get to the via ferrata, which is like a mountain route with cables and bridges. After we finished the course, we zip-lined back to the camp on one of the highest zip-lines in the USA (top 5, but for privacy reasons I won’t tell you which rank). The next day we went horseback riding (my horse pooped 3 times) and played frisbee golf. It was the perfect weather for riding, since we were in the mountains and it was sunny and windy at the same time. In the afternoon we went rock climbing, and this time there weren’t any cables like the via ferrata. There was just a harness in case I fell. Overall my favorite activities were the zip-line and horseback riding. 🙂

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