Copier Court Coming Soon…

As soon as the copier replies to my comment, I will start working on the Copier Court.

For those of you who may be wondering, the page that she has copied is the Internet Café. It’s rather surprising, because it’s not one of the best pages, but interestingly I feel honored that someone would want to use one of my ideas. 😛

I won’t disclose any more information about the copier, but if she does not cooperate then expect more information coming very soon.

The Bloggers’ Market is almost complete and the PLB Club Treaty has been completed!

See you guys at the FBU HQ!


15 thoughts on “Copier Court Coming Soon…

      • I might have just followed this blog today. So I have no idea what you’re talking about. Either that, or I’m just slow at understanding…

      • Oh, sorry. I should’ve been a bit more clear. I recently got copied, so the first part is just an update on that. I also have a page of “Fantage Bloggers United HQ,” which is like a collection of pages for bloggers specifically. It’s still under construction though, but public so that people can still see it. Coincidentally, I have a page at the HQ called the “Copier Court” which basically puts suspected copiers on trial. Like I said before, it’s still under construction. The concept may be a bit harsh but I have it worked out to be beneficial to the person if he/she really did not copy.

      • Oh, I get it now. Thanks for explaining it. I hope I don’t get on the list! xD

      • Still, I wouldn’t really want to get on the list. xD

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