For Past, Present, and Future Followers

UPDATE: I’ve come up with a much better idea, click here!

Don’t know the Premium Plaza password? That’s okay, most people probably won’t know it.

Followers, check your email for this post. The password will be right here in bold: *hidden*

I was giving out the password in the email that asks to confirm following. The problem is that only email followers get that email– and over 95% of my followers are through WordPress, not email.

So I’ll keep that, but for those WordPress followers, I just have to give it out every week or month in a post, then hide it, like I did for this post. That way only the people who get my posts in their inbox will be able to see the original post with the password.

I know, it’s slightly inconvenient and may also be confusing, but it’s the best I can do right now. And if for some reason you changed the WordPress settings in your inbox, then as long as you are on my followers list, then I can email it to you. 🙂


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