Trade n’ Sell Farewell Giveaway

All entrants must complete a task! Click here.


Trade n’ Sell is closing.

That means no more donations for the Olympics. All plans have been changed.

So I’m having a giveaway with the eCoins donated.

Reblog to enter. No extra entries yet except for my sponsors, so it’s purely based on luck. Boys and girls are both welcome.


Thank you to my Olympics sponsors for donating and advertising for the Olympics. As a token of my thanks, entries will be given in this way:

  • Everybody will receive 1 entry for reblogging.
  • Promotional sponsors (Icy) will receive 1 bonus entry.
  • Financial and distinguished sponsors (Sindy, foreverball11, Ellie, Amanda) will receive 2 bonus entries.
  • The top donor (chocolateytoast) will be given 3 bonus entries, if she enters.

You must enter by Saturday, October 19. After that, all entrants must complete a challenge to prove they deserve the prize. This was added because some of my sponsors thought it was unfair that someone who didn’t do much for the Olympics could win it, and one suggested that only “active” Fantagians should be able to enter…

On Monday, October 28, the winner will be announced.

Good luck!


96 thoughts on “Trade n’ Sell Farewell Giveaway

    • You didn’t donate the most, chocolateytoast did. I’m really sorry, but this is kind of the point of the giveaway… instead of spending on Olympics, I spent on the giveaway. And your name will still be advertised. I’m sorry again! D:

      • I know. I didn’t know. But 2,000 ecoins….. They will still be very rare, since Trade ‘N Sell is going away. It’s not fair, I spent money on 10,000 ecoins.

        And it wouldn’t be fair if someone doesn’t care, won the giveaway. See what I mean?

      • I already compromised once for you. If you still want more, so be it. I will not compromise. If you believe I’m being unfair, you don’t have to join. You never had to donate in the first place, either. Like I said on the Funds page, I can’t make you do anything. You are responsible for your own actions, and it is your right to speak up when you feel that I am being unfair. But you never had to do it in the first place.

      • Foreverball, she’s right. Candy could have kept all those eCoins and used them for her own personal gain. She spent a lot of time and effort organizing the Olympics, and now they can’t be done. Candy’s being really kind giving the eCoins back out…

      • I did it to be NICE. Also, only to do it because no one else donated.

        I never said you were being unfair. I just simply asked if I could have my ecoins back. Then you said “No. Blah bla. Contest blahhh____” and so on…..

        Seriously, if the top donor thinks it’s unfair. Then well, let it be. I personally, think it’s unfair because I donated about 2,000-3,000 ecoins. That I PAID for.

        I did look out for my own actions. I WANTED to donate. I was NICE enough to.
        Now, end of discussion. I don’t want drama with you, anybody.

      • Oh no! I was going to use GiftHulk to get membership so I could transfer those starter items that newbies get…:(
        Does anyone have an account??!!! That’s a member?? Can you lend it to me? Or just post those starter costumes!!?? I’ll give you a grayed-out Limitd lollipop thingy!!
        *seriously panicking

  1. It’s so sad to hear that the Olympics has such a huge change of plans! At least it’s still going! Oh I’m joining! Also, was I also a promoter or am I only allowed the financial one (cuz I rather that!)?

  2. I don’t understand why Fantage decided to suddenly do this :c I mean, how hard would it be to just get rid of the card place nobody uses and put vintage there instead, and have trade and sell, too? Oh well….. one good thing is that hacking and scamming will stop…I guess ^^

    • I agree. It impacted my plans so much! I was also planning on having a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, more PlazaPoints prizes, providing uniforms and Fantage prizes for the Olympics.. and now I can’t do that. 😦

      • Yes, it really sucks :c I’m pretty saddened by it too, especially since Trade ‘n Sell has become like a part of fantage ‘culture’, I guess. As well as that, e-coins are going to be extremely hard to get now, and Vintage Gold is completely unfair to people who spent ridiculous amounts of money on old items, which people will now be able to purchase for normal prices… Fantage have really messed up this time ._.

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