Last chance to trade with me!

Last updated on November 3.

This is the LAST CHANCE to trade Fantage items with me!

I am going to trade or sell everything that I have two or more of. When I trade my last spare of that type of item, then it will be added under “Removed Items.” Starred items will only be traded to members. If I approve your comment but do not reply just yet, remember that I share my Fantage account and have to consult with my friend before making a decision.

Daily Spin items are not included, but if you want one, let me know, because I have like 48 pink dresses (I use them to transfer; before I had nearly 100) and 5 rainbow boards (which I used to sell in the way beginning).

The newest coined items will be added at the top and will be labeled, so check for updates between now and Nov. 7!

Coined items: may change


November 3

winter green dressblack sidebang ribbon

November 2

shaggy brown game show host hair futuristic dress flash sale rainbow dress caterpillar hair candycane winter green wafer board popstar pink pink braids bear hat mouse band heart earrings blue braids new years hair schoolgirl dress gold sidebang ribbon painted rose cupid arrow pink pigtails tire board futuristic hair wizards cape


Removed items:

blue one tat

Traded! Thank you, Ellie!


Starred items: most likely will not change


November 2

purple power dress bunny tee


Removed items:



87 thoughts on “Last chance to trade with me!

    • Yeah most people are probably doing that. Keep in mind that my inventory is the result of two accounts, each created in November 2011, with their own owners who both tried hard to get the prettiest items :3 My friend got Frisky and Pointer for us, I got Cool Cat and Bunny Tee.

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