Vintage Gold is here!

Hey guys,

So it’s official! Trade n’ Sell, which we will remember so fondly is gone. Vintage Gold has replaced it.

vintage gold exteriorvintage gold interior

I’m personally disappointed, because Vintage Gold will ruin the item values that we Fantagians have created.

trade n sell item vgtrade n sell refunds vg

The good thing is that things purchased from Trade n’ Sell will be refunded, so keep checking your eCoins balances from December 5-11! Plus people will stop complaining about scamming, which I actually got from a Police Station report earlier today…
(To the submitter– I’m sorry, but the Police Station is for violations that happened on this blog or regarding this blog.)

Trade n’ Sell is history now.

trade n sell exteriortrade n sell interiortrade n sell interface

These are all gone.

What amazes me is how successful Fantage is– how connected people get to it, foster new friendships, and create their own way of life. It’s a whole world in itself. Fantage calls itself a Virtual World where you can play games, dress up, and make friends! But Fantagians– they’ve created so much more, like item values. Fantage is a smart company, but I fear that this might’ve been a hasty decision…

I just hope Fantage knows what they’ve gotten into.


6 thoughts on “Vintage Gold is here!

  1. so true! some people like it… i personally dont. it was kinda a disappointment, I was so excited when trade n sell first came out! i miss it soooooo much

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