I’ve had enough.

It’s only been a little over 3 months, and I’ve already been copied thrice. Can people seriously not think of their own things? What’s even worse is that these people have blogs more popular than my own. I really appreciate those viewers who have their own blogs, but never copy. Those viewers who have been there from the start, yet still continue to have their own original ideas. Thank you sindyblue10, icyblue111, and maple31.

The first time I was copied, the blogger gave me proof that her page was from January 2011. But I recently discovered that her first post on the blog was on July 1, 2013…

The second time, it was quickly removed and I never had to say anything. She probably didn’t realize that it was copied, and that’s okay, as long as it really was your own original idea… I’m fine with that.

The third time, that I  just discovered today, isn’t just 1 or 2 pages… She has a reasonably popular blog, yet about 50% of her blog content is copied from my own. Her welcome post, her report page (it’s crazy how similar it is to mine), her ways to earn her blog points resemble the Gym’s, and so on (not giving specific names of the posts/pages).

It’s too unoriginal to even consider the fact that she had the same ideas. Her XAT Rules/Consequences poster has the SAME EXACT RULES AND CONSEQUENCES. She uses THE SAME WORDS except changes a word here and there. Her report form contains the EXACT SAME FIELDS. If she just wanted to have similar pages, she could at least put a citation sticker. She doesn’t have a citation sticker on any of the copied posts/pages, she didn’t ask for permission, and she uses the same exact content!

I’m not going to just let it go so easily. Once I find out all the details, if she does not remove the content, I will definitely take action.

Call it harsh, call it protective, call it whatever you want. I work hard for this blog, and I bet she does too- on copying.

I’m touched that she would want to use my content on her blog, but at the same time, I will not tolerate it. At all.


27 thoughts on “I’ve had enough.

    • Not really, CopyScape never finds anything copied on my blog, yet I find them myself while looking at my viewers’ blogs. I don’t usually have time to post about events, so I don’t need to watermark. I will have to soon though, thanks for reminding me.

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