Weekly Challenge 11/11 *Extended*

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Nobody did the Weekly Challenge this past week, so it has been extended for another week.  If you didn’t bother to go on the page, here it is in a post.

Weekly Challenge: November 4th 11th, 2013

Category: Who/What am I?
Each correct answer is worth 10 PlazaPoints.

Comment your answers on the GYM PAGE please!  Answers on this post will be censored and you will be directed to comment on the page.

1.  I can be a tool or a part of your body.  Who/What am I?

2.  I bury and unearth bones, finding hidden treasure like a pirate.  Yet I can be your friend.  Who/What am I?

3.  I’m white but I’m used to cover up mistakes.  Who/What am I?

4.  I’m yellow and I have glasses and overalls.  Who/What am I?

5.  I’m green when whole, red when cut, and black when split.  Who/What am I?

Challenge ends November 11th November 18th.  Again, comment on the Gym Page.  Answers will be censored as well as a reply if it is correct or incorrect.


~ Amanda


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