In the near future…

Hi guys! I just wanted to let you know what will be coming in the next few days, weeks, months– I don’t exactly know when, but here’s what I plan to do on this blog.

  • A contest! Not telling exactly what though. (I just added this, I had forgotten to before! See, I get excited too…)
  • Renovation Day: this Saturday. The blog will be closed (private) for a couple hours, possibly more or less.
  • Christmas!!! Obviously, we’ll have an event, with an upcoming store as well as seasonal pages… Possibly 12 Days of Christmas giveaways?
  • Olympics: I NEED COORDINATORS!! No coordinators = no teams = no athletes = no Winter Olympics 😦 They’re closer than you think! Only 3 more months, and people need time to get their uniforms…
  • Within the next year or so: I am getting older, and getting busier with school. I will be hiring an administrator (or editor if I can’t find anyone perfect enough; gosh I sound picky) this summer, get to know him/her well, and then… I’ll probably quit, but still occasionally come on to say hi to you guys! So please, be on your best behavior, and I really look forward to getting to know you all better! Yes, I do have a couple people in my mind, but, just to get a general idea… could you guys comment anything about yourselves that you want me to know? No, no, not complete autobiographies and please not anything personal, just basic facts like perhaps how long you’ve been playing Fantage, etc. Also, could you also vote on the poll below?

Thanks guys!!


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