A Closer Look at the Olympics

Hi everyone!

I still need 4 more coordinators (soon will be 3, someone is in the process of applying). I don’t think you all understand though, because I probably haven’t given many details.

Coordinators are probably the most special people in the Olympics. They are in charge of teams. Yes, athletes get to do the sports, but only 1! 1 day out of 4 weeks. That’s only participating in 1/28 of the ENTIRE OLYMPICS.

Coordinators: They have their own teams, like I said. They get special privileges, and there will be a coordinator after-party. Coordinators get the most PlazaPoints, and they deserve it. They work the hardest, but have the most fun too!!

Athletes: They participate in 1 event only. It’s fun, but not a whole lot to do. There will be an athlete after-party, but not as grand as the coordinators’.

Now, I’m not discouraging you from becoming an athlete, but also allowing you to consider becoming a coordinator. There are only 3 months until the Olympics, and I have to have all of the teams by mid-December if I plan to have the blog event that I want to do (more details coming out later; yes it is the mysterious page on the Olympics page).

Please consider becoming a coordinator!! You, along with the other coordinators, will be the face of the Olympics!!


4 thoughts on “A Closer Look at the Olympics

    • Awesome! Could you fill out the application on the Sign-Up booth? Please remember to list as many of your favorite places in Fantage (in order please)! This will speed up the process immensely.

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