New Fashion Show & Other Updates

Hey guys! I don’t really post much about Fantage nowadays, sorry! I’m less busy today though, so yay! Unfortunately today wasn’t one of my best days.. I’m kind of having friend problems. As always, it’s just that one “friend”…

First, I have a couple of blog announcements! This Saturday I will release the new contest. I sleep late on Friday nights and wake up late on Saturday mornings, so expect the contest to be released at around noon FST. I’m also going to make a new page, but I was curious whether you guys would want to visit it or not, so shall I explain my idea?

The Bookstore will have not only my stories, but also whoever wants me to sell theirs. No no, I won’t be taking credit for anybody else’s work, but if you want to have your story in the Bookstore, you can submit it, give me your PlazaPoints account info, and choose a price. 100% of all proceeds from your products will go directly to your account, and your name will be given on the cover and inside the book. You can also submit a cover (templates will be provided) if you don’t want me to make your book look like a hardcover book without the sleeve (most of you probably see it in the library now and then).

Anyways, let me know what you think!


fashion show 11-18 banner

Now, for the Fashion Show!

Oh, by the way, before I forget– have you noticed the new home screen on Fantage? It’s pretty, isn’t it? If you haven’t, I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you, so check it out!

*Note: New places, events, and such are always a bit glitchy, and of course, people make mistakes too. Please correct me if any of my content is misleading!

fashion show 11-19 info

fashion show 11-19 beach info

fashion show 11-19 exterior

Ooh, pretty. The color scheme makes it look a bit too fantasy-like but overall I actually like it!

fashion show 11-19 interior

The interior is completely rearranged, and they’re still working on the VIP room. I’ll be a member in January for the Olympics, I’ll show you a picture then if its released!

I didn’t want to include useless pictures, since most of it is self-explanatory, but I included this picture because it has a lot of information of each type of Fashion Show:

fashion show 11-19 host

fashion show 11-19 stage

I hosted a Fashion Show, but I was surprised to see that there were 4 rounds, not 3, and themes have also been updated:

fashion show 11-19 winner

fashion show 11-19 themes

Is the new round one of the new renovations? Or am I just glitching? I didn’t see it on the info poster, it seems like a pretty big update, at least more important than the DJ booth… (you can see it in the background of the second picture)

Oh, and one more thing about the Fashion Show: how do you change the backgrounds? I, clueless as always, couldn’t figure out. 😛

Moving on from the Fashion Show itself…

There is a new medal, for nonmembers and members alike, that can earn you up to 20 levels!

fasshion show 11-19 medal

Also, the inventory has been updated! New favorite lists have been added and items have now been labeled! You can also sort items by color.

fashion show 11-19 inventory

So, now you tell me– what do you guys think about the Bookstore and Fashion Show?


23 thoughts on “New Fashion Show & Other Updates

    • Probably a glitch then. I’ll play again tomorrow, by then they would’ve probably fixed it, and then I’ll update the post. Thanks for telling me, and sorry it took long to reply, apparently your comment had gone into spam!

  1. Hi! Remember me? Are you a member? Can we share accounts please? I would do anything! Of course, you don’t have to agree, because I bet you don’t trust me, but I’m just asking. (I admit, I do sound a bit annoying and greedy)

    • I do remember you… are you still a coordinator for the Olympics? And no, I’m not a member, and I can’t share accounts with you, because my account is already shared and my friend doesn’t even know who you are.

      • Friend? What’s that have to do with anything? But, yes I am still a coordinator of the Olympics, don’t worry.

        Everyone says they share their accounts with someone else. It’s kind of getting annoying… Please?

        Yes, I do admit I’m being a freaking annoying idiot right now. I don’t know what has gotten into me. I guess I’m just really greedy. I had a REALLY bad day today, and I’m sure you don’t want to know what happened… 😦 (Something at school)

      • My friend is who I share my Fantage account with… it has everything to do with this. I’m not lying, I’m the only person I know who shares a Fantage account… I always have shared candyo3otwins, we made it together and transferred our own items to it. And same here, school has kind of ruined my day…

      • It’s ok… I guess… Let’s not talk about it… I have tears in my eyes because of what happened at school. It wasn’t any of my business, but it made me feel so bad. If you want, I can tell you what happened, because I’ve only told my mom and I want to let my stress out.

      • I will.

        So today at school, a boy in fifth grade was on the monkey bars. He fell off the monkey bars and literally hit his eye on a pole… His eye was white and every time he blinked, a bunch of blood came out of his eye.
        (I know that sounds GROSS, But, I felt SO sorry for him! I felt like it was all my fault, even though I had NOTHING to do with it! The worst part is, everyone was annoying him with stupid questions :()
        I feel so terrible for him, I almost started crying in class. Nobody else even cried for him, because they had no idea who he was. Everyone at my school are just careless… JERKS!

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