Weekly Challenge 11/20

What Is Your Favorite Song?
If you don’t have a favorite song, just pick one you really like.  Say that it’s one of your favorites.  Yup you guessed it, I feel the same way.  I love too many songs to count because each song is special to me in its own way 🙂
~ Tell me your favorite song and provide a link of its music and lyrics.  In a paragraph (6+ sentences) write about the song.  Explain why you like it, and if there is a special meaning to you.  (Example:  If it’s inspirational, reminds you of a special someone, has a pleasant tune you like, etc.
Be sure to include these things:

> Do you like the singer?  If so, why?
> Do you like the tune?  Is it slow and relaxing, preppy and upbeat, emotional, etc.?
> Do you like the lyrics?  If so, which lyrics and why?
> When do you like to listen to it?
Worth 15-25 PlazaPoints, depending on how well you do.  I will reply to your comment with your score.
Challenge ends 11/27.
Please comment on the Gym page.  http:/fantageplaza.wordpress.com/gym/
Write “Favorite Song” at the top of your explanation.  
~ Amanda

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