Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to wish all of my fellow Americans Happy Thanksgiving! And to those Canadians (don’t worry; I love you too!!) Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Today, I’d like to give thanks to my followers and viewers for bringing me so far into my blogging adventure! So I decided to have a “PlazaPoints Feast” today to show my thanks.

First off– everybody gets 10 PlazaPoints with the code *expired*

Followers (check your email!) get 40 PlazaPoints with the code *hidden*.

Anybody who comments what they are thankful for gets 5 PlazaPoints.

If you find the pumpkin pie slice, submit the code on it for 25 PlazaPoints!

The pumpkin pie slice will look like this, but with a code on it:

pumpkin pie example

In total, if you get all of these things, you can get 80 PlazaPoints. But, since you are on a blog who has a slightly OCD (I don’t really have it, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist) owner, I will add 20 more PlazaPoints (just because I like to do things in increments of 5, 10, 50, and 100) if you do one of the following (you can do more than one but only one is eligible for PlazaPoints):

  • Draw something Thanksgiving-related on Paint or on paper and scan it. Email it to candyo3otwins@gmail.com.
  • Write a Thanksgiving poem (haiku, alliteration, rhyme, doesn’t matter). Email it to candyo3otwins@gmail.com.
  • Make a Thanksgiving outfit on Fantage, screenshot it, and write a caption for it. Email it to candyo3otwins@gmail.com.

All of these tasks must be done by midnight tomorrow to be eligible for PlazaPoints. Don’t forget to visit this blog tomorrow for a special Black Friday mini-event!

Happy Thanksgiving once again!


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