5 New PlazaPoints Codes

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that 5 new PlazaPoints codes have been released! They are all on pages, no posts.

Also, today through Monday: If you see me on XAT, private chat (PC) me and I will tell give you a hint to where a code is. I encourage you all to visit the XAT more often, because I will be giving out codes sometimes! I know, if I were one of you I’d think it’s unfair, but we need to get the XAT more active. UPDATE: Salwa just told me that she knows people who are not allowed to go on XAT, and I guess I should’ve thought about that. I won’t give out hints or codes on the XAT anymore. Thanks Salwa! I’m so close to redeeming a gift card, so save up for spending at the PlazaPoints Store! Gifts will also be coming soon to the Post Office! We all need some extra PlazaPoints, especially for holiday shopping! 😉

Also: here’s a head’s up. I will be giving out PlazaPoints (probably 100 or so) to coordinators, because they have so generously volunteered to coach our five teams. Shoutout to ~Muffins and Sindyblue10! Thank you guys ❤ We need 3 more coordinators, trust me, you do not know how much fun it’s going to be!

Have a great rest of the weekend! Hope to see you all at the Olympics Sign-Up Booth or the XAT!

P.S. Tomorrow I’m going to watch Catching Fire with my bestie ❤


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