Charity Event, Vintage Gold, and Other Updates

Hey guys! No school today for me c: ()

Anyways, some Fantage updates (click to be taken to the coordinating section):

Charity Event
Vintage Gold Updates
Other Updates

Charity Event

This event occurs every year, and is pretty self-explanatory. Even though Fantage may not donate a whole lot (who knows their star to dollar ratio?) it’s still advocating a great cause to young children.

charity event 1

The donating screen looks like this. You can choose how many stars (100, 1,000, or 10,000) and which area to donate to (toys, clothes, or technology):

charity event 2

Most Fantagians have voted for clothes, some for technology, and even less for toys, which is great! Fantagians are becoming more worldly-wise!

charity event 3

And, as always, Fantage has prizes for donating. If you haven’t received your prizes yet, you haven’t donated. Donate some stars and then you will receive your prizes. They’re all for non-members and members alike:

charity event 4

That’s it! Before you start donating all of your stars though, you might want to read the Vintage Gold Updates.

Vintage Gold Updates

Trade n’ Sell refunds have been delayed; hopefully they’ll release it soon!

vg 12-6 1

And, next Friday (Friday the 13th), Fantage will be selling the Santa Hat:

vg 12-6 2

This is very important. It ties in with the Charity Event. If over 400 million stars have been donated already, and the event came out yesterday, it’s not a coincidence that Fantage decided to sell the Santa Hat after people have donated their stars… and people wouldn’t have seen it yesterday, because this could only be seen today, exactly a week in advance. Fantage is getting very cunning, but we Fantagians don’t have to worry– we’re smart too, and we can decipher their tricks! 😉

Other Updates

I know my blog background and header are really mismatched right now; I’ll make a new header and find a new background today! Also, athlete sign-ups will hopefully be released later today. There will be a total of 30 athletes. If you don’t get to be an athlete, don’t forget that we still need coordinators!

Stay warm!

(P.S. Want to learn how to do post and page jumps like I did? You can do it for images too! A tutorial will be coming to the Academy very soon.)


3 thoughts on “Charity Event, Vintage Gold, and Other Updates

  1. I thought my header and background didn’t really match too, but later I thought it does and looks nice so I just left it.
    I reckon yours fit just nice.
    But I don’t know what your point of view is so hohoho and good luck to finding the best match. =D
    And yes, fantage has been changing a lot haven’t they? They seem to also be getting a lot of hate. But I don’t think its fair for them to get hate. I mean for VG, its mean to trick fantagians like that, but they still need the money to keep fantage open.

    • Your header and background provide a great contrast actually! The header you see on this blog right now is actually the updated one, and I’ll probably keep the background for now. You have a really good point, good job looking at it from Fantage’s point of view!

      • Oh thanks so much. I thought they kinda matched even though the colours really aren’t meant to. And oh so it’s the updated one? I didn’t realise, no wonder I thought it looked a bit different from before. There goes my short term memory again.
        And I guess, I always seem to have different points of views about a lot of things and I can see point of view from someone else too. Maybe its a good thing, maybe its not.

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