Trade n’ Sell Refunds

Hey guys! This is going to be a super-quick post because tomorrow I have my school spelling bee, and I’m representing my grade.

Fantage finally released the refunds; they’re pretty straightforward but you have a limit of 10 items.

Click on the sign (below) in Uptown.

tsrefunds 1


You will then see this *note: anything you are wearing now will not show up in the refunds menu*:

tsrefunds 2


Click on an item to see how much you bought it for.

tsrefunds 3

If you decide to refund an item (choose wisely!), click Get Paid. Rare items, if refunded, will level down your Rares Medal.


tsrefunds 4


Your menu will then look like this:

tsrefunds 5


Simple, right?

Unfortunately, the “safe transferrers,” those who transferred their items by trading, not selling, don’t get the huge benefit from the refunds.

Oh, and– before the refunds were released, people were confused as to whether you would get to keep your item after refunding or not. The answer is no, when you refund an item, you are giving the item back to Fantage.

P.S. 13 days, 4 hours, and 20 minutes until Christmas! ❤ Enjoy the holiday season, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas!


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