Fantage Flash Facts Brainstorm

Hey guys!

I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas event over at the Clauses’ House! Really quickly I’d like to clear up something that a couple of you have been confused about. After you let Santa know what you want for Christmas, do not expect an email immediately. You will receive an email on Christmas itself. Sorry for making it unclear!

Okay, so moving on: I just finished the colors at the HTML Playground! There are a total of 126 colors.

I thought of these categories for the Fantage Flash Facts. This post is just a brainstorm post; I thought it would be cool if I could share my ideas and have you guys comment what you like, what you don’t like, and any suggestions.

  • Mini-Tutorials: How to Fly, How to Earn eCoins, How to Level Up, How to Play _______, etc. (probably the most common category)
  • Tips and Tricks: Secret Places, Locking Your Barn, etc.
  • History: Beta Testers, Oasis, Trade n’ Sell, etc.
  • Miscellaneous: all other random things. (I don’t really like to use the word random, it’s not going to be completely arbitrary.)

I kind of want 5 categories, just to make it a round number, but I can always add more when the time comes. Oh, and I need your help on setting a “border” between Mini-Tutorials and Tips and Tricks. Locking Your Barn could be a Mini-Tutorial, or How to Fly could be a Tip/Trick. Help please?

Anyways, moving on– I liked these colors from the colors list.

  1. chartreuse
  2. turquoise
  3. mediumvioletred
  4. orange

I think they’re bold and stand out well. I plan to re-do the Fantage Flash Facts icon, so it’ll be slightly neater and color-coded.

fantage flash facts

This is the icon for the Fantage Flash Facts. It’ll be changed soon.

That’s it for now! Please comment and help me by providing feedback and helping me “set the boundary” between Tips and Tricks and Mini-Tutorials! Thanks guys! ❤


2 thoughts on “Fantage Flash Facts Brainstorm

  1. Hmm well…
    I have always thought of this, since this is a plaza like thing, you can always do a notice board page. Notice board for updates or other things.
    Sorry, but what do you mean by ‘border’?
    Like a group? A name for them?
    P.S. Yes I am enjoying the Christmas event ^_^

    • I think Central Park is kind of a notice board, at least for blog updates. And Home has Fantage updates.
      By “border” I mean like something to distinguish them from each other, because when categorizing the Fantage Flash Facts then I could get them mixed up. If it’s confusing don’t worry, it would still help if you just said what you think belongs in each category. Thanks for your comment!

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