Sincere Apologies

**This was meant to be published two days ago, but I guess I didn’t realize that I didn’t publish it. Sorry!!

Hey guys!

This is a SUPER-QUICK post because ever since I’ve gone back to school after the break, I have been SO BUSY!

I just wanted to apologize for the inactivity, but I honestly couldn’t help it. Just today I have to do a self-portrait (at least 3 hours, with entire modeling and the value gamut), study for an English novel test, study for an American History quiz, do an online Spanish assignment, and complete about 20 Algebra problems from my math textbook (graphing equations, like slope and all that stuff). And once I finish that, I have to work on a project… I really admire all of you who can keep up with schoolwork & have plenty of time for blogging. I know a lot of you work very hard 🙂

I really cannot believe that in two days, Fantage Plaza will be 6 months old! Unfortunately, I am really busy right now and we won’t be able to have a celebration… BUT: If on Friday I have time after school, which I probably will, I might have a mini-contest, so stay tuned for that.

Whenever I am free, I will have to reply to two job appliers, make a PlazaPoints account, fulfill a Boutique order, and work towards my New Year’s goals.

Thank you SO much to all of you who have stuck with Fantage Plaza since the start (July 31, 2013! Wasn’t that like AGES ago!?), I’m really thankful for you all. 🙂


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