Pink Lace for V-Day Grace

Hey guys!

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day (and a full moon)!

The blog background and header have been updated.

As always, I’m super busy and didn’t have time to make an event for you >.<

I do have a gift though!

For my amazing followers (precisely all 72 of you): *hidden* (50 PlazaPoints)

For my lovely viewers (who have given me over 5,800 views): ROSYPOSTS (30 PlazaPoints)

For my sweet commenters (first 6 to comment): comment for a PlazaPoints code worth 40 PlazaPoints!

I’m also letting you all know that sometime next week I will open up a position for an author at Fantage Plaza.

If you are interested, please fill out the form once I release it.

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!

Oh, and did you know that today is my WordPress account’s one year anniversary? I used to have a blog before this that I used the same account for. I never felt that dedicated to it though, so I deleted it.



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