Fantage Plaza: Now Hiring an Author!

Hey guys! As I promised, Fantage Plaza will be hiring an author. Make sure to read everything on this post before applying! If I cannot decide between two applications, I will hire both.

No applications will be accepted after March 1 (Saturday) at 11:59 Fantage Standard Time. I will most likely reblog this post a couple days before the deadline.

On all questions, remember to answer honestly. If I ask about your skills, it’s so that I know if I need to teach you, for example, to use WordPress. A more thoughtful application by a person who does not know how to screenshot or add copyrights will definitely be chosen by a hasty applicant who knows how to do these things.

Please note: An email and a WordPress account are necessary for this. If you don’t already have one, it’s never too late to make one. Just make sure your parents are okay with it.

*The form that used to be here was removed on 3/4/14, after the new author was invited.*

Once again, remember to answer honestly– in my opinion, that is the most important characteristic of a successful blogger.

I will not announce the author(s). Instead, I will let them introduce themselves with their first post on the blog.

Good luck to all of you! May the most enterprising author(s) win!


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