New Author Introduction

If you couldn’t already tell from the title of this post, I’m the new author here at Fantage Plaza! My name is Pollee and you might know me from some of the blogs I’ve worked on previously, or from the Fantageville xat chat, where I work as a moderator. 

I would say that I’m quite a responsible, mature person and I’m very friendly and open, so feel free to contact me for help, or if you want to chat. I like proper grammar and photography and shopping and I’m also interested in journalism and creative writing. I’m a competitive dancer as well.

I’m just positive that I’ll have a splendid time working here. I am writing this post from my iPad, because my family is traveling, but I’ll be back and ready to attack in four days, tops. When I post, I’ll try to use pink writing so you can identify me.

So much love to each and every one of you,



3 thoughts on “New Author Introduction

  1. Welcome to Fantage Plaza, Pollee! Don’t worry about the pink writing if it makes it harder for you; it’s completely up to you though– you’re the author! Enjoy your vacation and I know you’ll do great here!

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