Ads Begone!

UPDATE (3/5/14): This does not work with the ads that have “Want to Skip This Ad?” or “Game Will Start After This Ad” at the top. Sorry!

Hey guys!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one frustrated with Fantage’s new ads on the sidebar and before games. Seriously, trying to play Bobo Fish while your page is constantly refreshing for new sidebar ads is not fun. Neither is waiting 2 1/2 minutes to play a 30 second game just so you can complete the new Cosmic Bingo. Thankfully, I’ve found out a way to eliminate the wait time for the pre-game ads.

Honestly, the trick is so simple most of you probably figured it out. I don’t even know if I should call it a trick. But for those of you who are a bit slower in devising these tricks (like me!), here it is!

We all watch videos on Youtube, right? So I’m pretty sure we’ve all skipped to parts of the video before. You can do the same for these pre-game ads!

Go from this:


To this in one click:


And in three seconds of watching an ad fade into darkness, to this:


I’m not sure if this works for the eCoin ads, because (last time I checked) they require you to watch the whole video for the entire length.

Sorry if you figured this out a long time ago! I’m just excited because *finally* I won’t have to wait 5 times the game’s duration to watch an ad.


21 thoughts on “Ads Begone!

    • I’m sorry! I wasn’t clear at all. Just put your cursor over the bar at the bottom then click once at the near end of the bar. Have you ever skipped to parts of Youtube videos? It’s just like that. I hate those ads too 😦

  1. I already knew this but still it’s great you made a post about it for others! Good thing you found out about it!

  2. Also, I have a tip: Don’t skip all the way to the end or it will go back to the beginning. Just skip to a few seconds before the end.

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