The Evolution of Virtual Worlds

Hi guys!

I’m so sorry for my inactivity. First of all, school has kept me so busy. Second of all, I found a new virtual game that I like much better than Fantage. It seems to me like the new virtual worlds keep improving, while the older ones begin to lose their charm… anyone else feel this way?

This is my virtual world history…

First, there was Poptropica. All little kids loved this game, where you could travel to exotic islands and become the hero and be rewarded with a shiny, gold medallion. Best part was that parents and teachers considered it educational!

Second, there was Webkinz. Stuffed animals + virtual worlds + games + friends= lots of fun for younger players! Like Poptropica, it was considered educational, but the kids playing it never felt that way!

Third, there was Fantage. The best part about this game was that there was constantly something new to blog about, but I didn’t begin blogging until late in my 2nd year of playing it. Now that it’s been three years of playing it, it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

Before and after Fantage, there was Pico World. This game was so much fun, I can’t even express it in words. I can’t believe I forgot about it in my first version of this post. In fall of 2012, it closed due to lack of staff, and I was back to playing Fantage. There’s a Japanese version, but unfortunately I am not Japanese and do not understand their language.

Fourth, there was Transformice. Mice, cheese, and shamans! I tried this briefly, and I loved it for the short time that I played! Shortly after I started, I discovered a new game that I honestly didn’t like much at first, but I began liking it quickly.

Fifth, there was ?. Really, I just don’t want to get anyone unwillingly addicted– at least not yet. It’s a virtual world obviously, and you get your own home and avatar. You can earn coins and gems, so much more easily than you can earn eCoins on Fantage. There’s a shop similar to Trade n’ Sell, and there are limited items and mystery boxes that you can get. There are hundreds of games available for you to play, and you can level up your avatar from playing this. There’s also a fun trick to level up, and it’s not exactly a cheat since it’s acknowledged by the staff. You can also add friends, hold events, dance, shop (they let you try on things before buying them!), and so much more! I’m not going to tell you which game it is yet… does anybody have any guesses?

Enough of games for now. I’d like to mention some things not related to virtual worlds:

  • Shoutout to pollee! I’m amazed by how much devotion she has shown to this blog! Thanks so much!
  • Has anyone seen Divergent yet? I went with my friends yesterday and I loved it 😀
  • Did the WordPress interface change recently? I noticed this while adding the hyperlinks… To me, it seems kind of iOS 7-ish. Not bad, just different.

29 thoughts on “The Evolution of Virtual Worlds

  1. I used to play Poptropica before Fantage, too, but I can’t guess thr last virtual world…

      • I don’t like OurWorld…It takes a lot of money to buy certain things, not a lot of people play anymore, and you don’t have a lot of friends unless you are glowing, tall, tattos, and riding a vehicle. Residency isn’t worth it, I mean a house and better clothes? No rooms? No special permissions? The clothes for Non-residents aren’t bad actually. Neither is Fantage Non Premium (I do happen to be a member on Fantage for the VIP room) If you don’t have the patience to wait for “flow” or level up OurWorld is not the game for you.

  2. I absolutely LOVED the Divergent movie, I thought it was great and very loyal to the book.

    Thank you for the shout out, that means a lot!

    Hm, I really don’t know for the virtual world! If it’s possible, could we talk, sometime? I had an idea for something I wanted to do (not Fantage-related) and I would like to hear your opinion.

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