Leaving… forever?

Hey, guys, I’ve decided to quit blogging, forever. I’m sorry.

APRIL FOOL’S! I’m not planning on quitting, although my interest in Fantage has decreased. I’m hoping that an April Fool’s Day Event Post will be coming your way shortly!


I also wanted to ask your opinion on something. I was thinking of making a completely non-Fantage blog with tips on beauty, health, recipes and lifestyles. It would be fun to make, and it would include pictures too. What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in that?




10 thoughts on “Leaving… forever?


    • Haha, I really wanted to play a joke for April Fool’s Day, but I had to leave school early for a dentist appointment, so I couldn’t prank my friends, and I didn’t think to prank my sister or parents. 🙂 I’m not really quitting, no worries.

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