Liebster Blog Award

Hey guys! I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard about the Fantage Liebster Blog Award someway or the other. Thank you so much to cloud82 for nominating me for this award.

Okay, so in case you don’t know how exactly this works (like me a couple days ago), here are the rules:

The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their blog a little and also bring together a community of bloggers. The rules of the competition are as follows:
• The nominated user must provide a link bank to the person who nominated them.
• Provide 11 facts about yourself.
• Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
• Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions.
Like I said before, cloud82 nominated me.
• The nominated user must provide a link bank to the person who nominated them. ✔
Okay, so here are 11 facts about myself.
  1. I’ve lived in 2 different states (in the United States) in my life.
  2. I go to a private school.
  3. I love drawing and swimming.
  4. I was obsessed with Webkinz in 2nd grade.
  5. Unfortunately, I have a problem with procrastinating. I eventually get all my work done though.
  6. I started playing Fantage in November 2011 (the same month Cool Cat Hair was released, but I don’t remember that).
  7. My first favorite color was blue. Then it changed to pink, then purple, then blue and green, and now turquoise.
  8. I love Skittles. Especially the sour ones.
  9. Right now, the song “All of Me” is stuck in my head. I like pop songs the best.
  10. I love Pinterest and DIY projects.
  11. I like Sprite and Coke mixed together better than either one alone or any other soda.

• Provide 11 facts about yourself. ✔

Here are the questions asked by cloud82 and my answers to them. Phew, this was so much easier than making up my own facts.

  1. Fantage or WordPress? WordPress allows for more creativity. Fantage is more interactive. Hmm, this is hard. I’ll go with WordPress.
  2. Converse or Vans? Converse. I really like the white ones but too many girls have it at school.
  3. Favorite word, and why? I don’t really have a favorite word.
  4. Would you accept these free tickets to Japan? Of course! I love traveling, and I’ve never been to Japan before. 🙂
  5. When will you stop blogging? This summer or next summer.
  6. Thoughts on Tumblr? I don’t really use it, but it seems pretty mainstream.
  7. Do you use Picmonkey? why or why not? When editing, I use PicMonkey, Preview, and PowerPoint. None of them are good enough to stand alone. If they are, too many people already use it. Wow, so many p’s.
  8. If you had unlimited money, what would you do with it? I’d donate an unlimited amount to charity, go on vacations every weekend, buy a new outfit everyday, and give unlimited amounts to some people.
  9. What are your thoughts on Vintage Gold? I don’t really like it, but I guess it solves the problem of scamming on Trade n’ Sell. I mean, if Fantage targets young kids, then they can’t risk being sued by an angry parent, right?
  10. You’re home alone and you hear a strange noise. What do you do? It depends on the sound. Maybe go see what it is, or call my parents or the police.
  11. What do you wish for? I can’t tell, or else my wishes won’t come true.

• Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you. ✔

Okay, now for the nominations! Sorry, I didn’t have time to check whether these people have been nominated yet or not. And I could only think of these many 😦

  1. amberliyadonutouo
  2. maple31
  3. izzybee152
  4. ☕♫נєѕѕι ♫☕

If your name was listed above, please answer these 11 questions:

  1. Can you juggle?
  2. Who’s your favorite celebrity?
  3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  4. What’s your favorite song?
  5. On a scale of 1-10 how funny would you say you are?
  6. What’s your favorite quote?
  7. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
  8. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  9. Which sports do you play, if any?
  10. When you smile, do you smile with your teeth showing?
  11. Are you better at singing or dancing?

• Choose 11 4 more people and ask them 11 questions. ✔

That’s it! This took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete. I’m sure it was worth it 🙂


The Evolution of Virtual Worlds

Hi guys!

I’m so sorry for my inactivity. First of all, school has kept me so busy. Second of all, I found a new virtual game that I like much better than Fantage. It seems to me like the new virtual worlds keep improving, while the older ones begin to lose their charm… anyone else feel this way?

This is my virtual world history…

First, there was Poptropica. All little kids loved this game, where you could travel to exotic islands and become the hero and be rewarded with a shiny, gold medallion. Best part was that parents and teachers considered it educational!

Second, there was Webkinz. Stuffed animals + virtual worlds + games + friends= lots of fun for younger players! Like Poptropica, it was considered educational, but the kids playing it never felt that way!

Third, there was Fantage. The best part about this game was that there was constantly something new to blog about, but I didn’t begin blogging until late in my 2nd year of playing it. Now that it’s been three years of playing it, it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

Before and after Fantage, there was Pico World. This game was so much fun, I can’t even express it in words. I can’t believe I forgot about it in my first version of this post. In fall of 2012, it closed due to lack of staff, and I was back to playing Fantage. There’s a Japanese version, but unfortunately I am not Japanese and do not understand their language.

Fourth, there was Transformice. Mice, cheese, and shamans! I tried this briefly, and I loved it for the short time that I played! Shortly after I started, I discovered a new game that I honestly didn’t like much at first, but I began liking it quickly.

Fifth, there was ?. Really, I just don’t want to get anyone unwillingly addicted– at least not yet. It’s a virtual world obviously, and you get your own home and avatar. You can earn coins and gems, so much more easily than you can earn eCoins on Fantage. There’s a shop similar to Trade n’ Sell, and there are limited items and mystery boxes that you can get. There are hundreds of games available for you to play, and you can level up your avatar from playing this. There’s also a fun trick to level up, and it’s not exactly a cheat since it’s acknowledged by the staff. You can also add friends, hold events, dance, shop (they let you try on things before buying them!), and so much more! I’m not going to tell you which game it is yet… does anybody have any guesses?

Enough of games for now. I’d like to mention some things not related to virtual worlds:

  • Shoutout to pollee! I’m amazed by how much devotion she has shown to this blog! Thanks so much!
  • Has anyone seen Divergent yet? I went with my friends yesterday and I loved it 😀
  • Did the WordPress interface change recently? I noticed this while adding the hyperlinks… To me, it seems kind of iOS 7-ish. Not bad, just different.

Ads Begone!

UPDATE (3/5/14): This does not work with the ads that have “Want to Skip This Ad?” or “Game Will Start After This Ad” at the top. Sorry!

Hey guys!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one frustrated with Fantage’s new ads on the sidebar and before games. Seriously, trying to play Bobo Fish while your page is constantly refreshing for new sidebar ads is not fun. Neither is waiting 2 1/2 minutes to play a 30 second game just so you can complete the new Cosmic Bingo. Thankfully, I’ve found out a way to eliminate the wait time for the pre-game ads.

Honestly, the trick is so simple most of you probably figured it out. I don’t even know if I should call it a trick. But for those of you who are a bit slower in devising these tricks (like me!), here it is!

We all watch videos on Youtube, right? So I’m pretty sure we’ve all skipped to parts of the video before. You can do the same for these pre-game ads!

Go from this:


To this in one click:


And in three seconds of watching an ad fade into darkness, to this:


I’m not sure if this works for the eCoin ads, because (last time I checked) they require you to watch the whole video for the entire length.

Sorry if you figured this out a long time ago! I’m just excited because *finally* I won’t have to wait 5 times the game’s duration to watch an ad.

Happy March!

Hey guys!

It’s March! We’re already in the third month of the year.

The blog background and header have been updated to fit our new month, and I’d like to proudly announce…

The Fantage Plaza St. Patrick’s Day Event!


Update 3/13/14: Whoops, I just found out that it’s not St. Patty’s Day, it’s St. Paddy’s Day! Sorry about that!

Hopefully all of you will be able to come.

Also, in two weeks my spring break starts. During the week, I plan to work on this event, earning gift cards for the PlazaPoints Store, and on Fantage Flash Facts.

One last thing– today is the LAST DAY to submit author applications. If your interested, submit a form here.

Enjoy the new month!

Author Applications Due By Tomorrow

Hey guys!

I just wanted to quickly remind you that no more author applications will be accepted after tomorrow at 11:59 Fantage Standard Time (same as Eastern Standard Time). To apply, fill out the form on this post.

I have received many wonderful applications and the decision is very hard for me, but I think I know who I will probably choose. As of now I’m thinking of starting off with one author, but if the need arises I may hire more.

Also, remember that I will not tell you who I chose, I will leave that up to the person instead. I will invite the new author on Sunday.

Best of luck to all of you!

Fantage Plaza: Now Hiring an Author!

Hey guys! As I promised, Fantage Plaza will be hiring an author. Make sure to read everything on this post before applying! If I cannot decide between two applications, I will hire both.

No applications will be accepted after March 1 (Saturday) at 11:59 Fantage Standard Time. I will most likely reblog this post a couple days before the deadline.

On all questions, remember to answer honestly. If I ask about your skills, it’s so that I know if I need to teach you, for example, to use WordPress. A more thoughtful application by a person who does not know how to screenshot or add copyrights will definitely be chosen by a hasty applicant who knows how to do these things.

Please note: An email and a WordPress account are necessary for this. If you don’t already have one, it’s never too late to make one. Just make sure your parents are okay with it.

*The form that used to be here was removed on 3/4/14, after the new author was invited.*

Once again, remember to answer honestly– in my opinion, that is the most important characteristic of a successful blogger.

I will not announce the author(s). Instead, I will let them introduce themselves with their first post on the blog.

Good luck to all of you! May the most enterprising author(s) win!

Pink Lace for V-Day Grace

Hey guys!

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day (and a full moon)!

The blog background and header have been updated.

As always, I’m super busy and didn’t have time to make an event for you >.<

I do have a gift though!

For my amazing followers (precisely all 72 of you): *hidden* (50 PlazaPoints)

For my lovely viewers (who have given me over 5,800 views): ROSYPOSTS (30 PlazaPoints)

For my sweet commenters (first 6 to comment): comment for a PlazaPoints code worth 40 PlazaPoints!

I’m also letting you all know that sometime next week I will open up a position for an author at Fantage Plaza.

If you are interested, please fill out the form once I release it.

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!

Oh, and did you know that today is my WordPress account’s one year anniversary? I used to have a blog before this that I used the same account for. I never felt that dedicated to it though, so I deleted it.