Hello! Welcome to the Boutique! Here you can get a picture of your Fantagian dressed up in special, designer-quality clothes! These designs are 100% our idea and copying is strictly prohibited.

The form below should be completed after you have decided what all you want to order. Remember, 100 sketch points = 1 PlazaPoint.

Our Order Policy

  • We do not deduct sketch points until the completed order has been sent.
  • When converting sketch points to PlazaPoints, we round to the nearest PlazaPoint.
  • We don’t refund PlazaPoints unless a mistake has actually occurred.
  • Our products are sometimes drawn individually on the computer so the completed product may vary slightly from the advertised one.
  • We do our best to accommodate our customers’ preferences. Feel free to leave us comments and suggestions.




Boutique Tops


Boutique Bottoms


Boutique Outfits


Boutique Shoes


Boutique Accessories


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