Central Park


  • Awesome! Fantage Plaza is in its seventh month of existence, and as of now we have 77 blog followers! (2/28)
  • Fantage Plaza surpassed its goal for February’s views, thanks to all of you! The views goal has been updated for March. (2/28)
  • The gym’s challenge has been updated! Click here. (2/27)
  • Fantage Plaza is hiring an author! Click here to apply. (2/27)

Map and Store Directoryfantage-plaza-map-new

(a) Management Office: located in Central Park, this place is always open. If you ever need to contact us whether for questions or comments, the most convenient location would be in the Management Office.

(b) Employment Office: located in Central Park, this place is where you must go if you would like to work at the Plaza.

(b1) Interview/Meeting Room: located in the Employment Office. This place is where staff members and to-be staff members must go for interviews and meetings.

(c) Embassy: located in Central Park. Here you must go if you are a blog owner or worker and you are interested in borrowing content from this blog.

(d) Police Station: this is where you can file reports against people who have been violating our rules (mostly used for XAT). False reports are regarded disdainfully and are not at all welcome.

(e) PlazaPoints Store: here you can open a PlazaPoints Account and learn about earning and redeeming PlazaPoints for Fantage rewards.

(f) The Fantage Herald Office: this is the official office for the Fantage Herald (a weekly newspaper sponsored by Fantage Plaza). Here you can submit content for the Fantage Herald or view the F.H. Archives.

(g) Gym: this is where you can “work out” by practicing your skills, whether in blogging, writing, or something else, by completing challenges and participating in contests (there are prizes).

(h) Academy: this is the equivalent to “How-to” and “Tutorials” pages on other blogs. You can go to different classes (sub-pages) for different subjects. There are also dates for occasional camps in which you can learn the content interactively with a teacher.

(i) Internet Café: this is just a fun place to go if you get bored. You can log into a computer and then view some links related to Fantage Plaza.

(j) Movie Theater: here you can view the Fantage Plaza’s videos as well as a weekly Featured Video usually made by our viewers.

(k) Boutique: here you can buy a picture of your Fantagian in clothes that are not actually on Fantage.

(l) Tech Clinic: here you can submit a question related to your computer to have it answered.

(m) Post Office: this is where you can send your friends or loved ones postcards, designed by Fantage Plaza and YOU! Soon we will also be able to send gifts and fan mail to the Olympics athletes and coordinators.

(n) Home Decorators: this is where you can get designs for your Fantage house. It’s especially handy if you are on a budget or you want to decorate your house for a special event.

(o) Bookstore: this is where you can buy books and kits for your own personal use. Or, if you’re an author yourself, you can submit your books and/or kits!

(p) Premium Plaza: this is a special page just for Premium Plaza members! Who knows what could be on there?

(p1) Membership Office: this is where you can learn all about the benefits of Premium Plaza Membership! Don’t worry, it’s free!

(q) Fantage Bloggers United Headquarters: this is a special place for bloggers where you can make a difference in the blogging world.


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