PeaceLoveBlogging Club™

The PeaceLoveBlogging Club is a club consisting of Fantage bloggers. Not just anybody can become a PLB member, though. In order to become an official member, you must:

  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the PeaceLoveBlogging Treaty™
  • Maintain an honest record of blogging; meaning never have copied anyone
  • Be willing to dedicate a great amount of time and energy to blogging
  • Agree to serve jury duty at the Copier Court™

I’m sure you’re all wondering why anybody would want to join the PLB club. And of course, that is what I am about to answer.

True bloggers want their audience to trust them.

True bloggers embrace opportunities to interact with other bloggers and share their ideas.

True bloggers support what is right and disdain what is wrong.


And is their anything that true bloggers cannot do by being a part of the PLB Club?

Since you have to pass qualifications to join the club, it builds up a sense of trust.

The Club allows bloggers to interact and share their ideas in the Club events.

With jury duty, bloggers can stand up for what is right and what is wrong.

So why are you just standing there?

To apply, fill out the form below!


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