PeaceLoveBlogging Treaty™

Note: If you do not understand a word in the treaty, just click here or scroll to the bottom for the definitions. 🙂


All members of the PeaceLoveBlogging Club must agree to:

I. Maintain a peaceful environment, suitable for all ages, in the Fantage blogging community.

II. Take part in all mandatory* PLB events.

III. Serve jury duty at the Copier Court when summoned*.

IV. Stay away from being biased* in any situation, especially in arguments between other bloggers.

V. Protect the privacy and rights of all other bloggers.

VI. Be kind and honest at not only your blog but while visiting others too.

VII. Comply* with any additional things added to this treaty after this day, October 10th, 2013.

VIII. Understand that three (3) violations* of this treaty will result in account suspension*.


Note: To go back to the treaty, click here.

mandatory– required

summoned– called upon to be present

biased– favoring or liking one side more than the other

comply– to do what you have been asked to do

violations– the breaking of laws or promises

suspension– the act of forcing someone to leave from a job or position

PlazaPoints code (20 PlazaPoints): PEACEBLOG129


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