Weekly Challenge: February 27, 2014

Category: Feedback

What is your favorite store (page) at Fantage Plaza? Please explain your opinion.

Worth 20 PlazaPoints.

Challenge ends March 8th.

PlazaPoints code (15 points): BRAINGAME


77 thoughts on “Gym

  1. Candy, could we leave this challenge for another week or so? Nobody has done it and people may be on vacation (well, I have been). And this is a longer challenge that takes some effort in writing 🙂


  2. Holiday Happiness
    Holidays makes me happy because, well simply they are a holiday waiting there for you to jump in and relax, to enjoy them to the fullest. (Kind of exaggerated)
    But in the holidays I know I can relax and enjoy, not worrying about homework (most of the time) and I can just play (sounds childish but yea).
    Holidays, I have much to say about them yet funnily I have forgotten. Lol, sorry.
    Holidays like Easter, Halloween, Christmas is really fun! Like all the flood of chocolate eggs on Easter, the trick or treating and all those spooky fun on Halloween and all the happiness and presents on Christmas.
    But my most favourite holiday of all is…CHINESE NEW YEAR!
    I find them the most fun, I miss celebrating them, going Chinese new year shopping, wearing BRAND new clothes every single day of the new year holiday, seeing the lion dance, fireworks and much more! It’s the best and they are all so fun.
    So what I like most about holidays? If seasonally, they are great fun~
    If school holidays? They are relaxing~
    I think I have made my point.

  3. January 5th Challenge:
    1. To be nicer to my sister, ’cause I’m really mean to her >.<
    2. Try to get on WordPress more and try to view more blogs
    3. Make more friends (I have none :c)

    -This is a great idea!

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