Leprechaun Village

Welcome to Fantage Plaza’s St. Patrick’s Day event!
Here at the Leprechaun Village, you can visit one the following:

  • Clover Patch
  • Rainbow Ride– Coming 3/14
  • St. Paddy’s Parade–Coming 3/14

Have fun! Stay lucky!

In total, you can earn 300 PlazaPoints from this event. I know, what’s the use of earning PlazaPoints when you don’t have anything to spend it on (all thanks to Trade n’ Sell closing) but I have an idea that I hope to put into use soon.

⌘ Fun Fact ⌘: In my elementary school, we used to have a clover patch in the same area where recess was held. Occasionally we’d sit down, talk with friends, and look for four leaf clovers. One particular recess, I found a total of 7 four leaf clovers. I still have one dried four leaf clover sitting somewhere in a fat book in my room; I like to take it out when I’m feeling unlucky.


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