Corn Maze

Simply follow the clues that the portals give you to ultimately reach the end, where a prize is awaiting you!

Portals will be hidden in pumpkins, which you have to click. For example, click the pumpkin below for the first portal.

Sometimes you might see other Fantagians (you’ll probably see me somewhere!) along the way. If you want to, you could follow them, but they may or may not be going in the right direction. Here’s a map, since the Plaza is round. So if you see me going to the right, and you decide to follow me, I’ll be headed somewhere in the blue part of the Plaza in the map below. Let me tell you, 90% of the time your fellow maze-ers will be correct. 😉
Oh, and by the way: the corn maze is supposed to be fair, so no portals will be hidden in the Premium Plaza.

corn maze plaza map

(a) Management Office

(b) Employment Office

(b1) Interview/Meeting Room

(c) Embassy

(d) Police Station

(e) PlazaPoints Store

(f) The Fantage Herald Office: *does not include F.H. Archives*

(g) Gym

(h) Academy

(i) Internet Café

(j) Movie Theater

(k) Boutique

(l) Tech Clinic

(m) Home Decorators

(n) Travel Agency

(o) Trade n’ Sell *does not include Candyo3otwins’ Desired Trades*

(p) Premium Plaza

(p1) Membership Office

(q) Fantage Bloggers United Headquarters


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