Welcome to the 2014 Fantage Winter Olympics Funds page! Here you can view our goal and our progress for our eCoins goal.

Easy Fundraising Ideas

Why do you have such a large goal?

There will be lots of people who will be participating in the Olympics. Suppose I spend 2,500 per person. There will be 30 athletes, so that’s already 75,000 eCoins! Then there will also be 5 coordinators, so if I spent 3,000 per coordinator, the total will now be 90,000 eCoins. Thank you gifts for all the sponsors and backup hosts equals about 30,000. Then I need to buy prizes for every single event. That’s now 150,000 eCoins total, possibly more. If there happen to be any leftover eCoins, they will be spent on giveaways and raffles for this blog.

So you’re making us spend all of our hard earned eCoins donating to this?

I can’t make you do anything.  Keep in mind though, that I will be earning the majority of the eCoins all by myself. Why? Because I love this blog and I’m determined to make this event as grand as possible. If nobody donates, then the uniforms, prizes, and gifts will be cheap items. If people do donate, then I can purchase special items for my very special viewers. I have a choice though, because it is after all my eCoins. I can choose to use it for this, or spend it getting items on Fantage. The choice is clear to me because I love this blog and I love all my viewers.

What if I don’t trust you?

If you don’t trust me, then I can’t change your mind. It is completely your choice who you want to trust and who you do not want to. The only thing I can say is that my intent is completely honest, and because it is honest, I will not promise you fake things that I will actually not give you.

So like you said before, the leftover donated eCoins will be spent toward giveaways. What prizes do you have in mind for the giveaways?

I can either save up for one really good item, or I can have a series of giveaways with average items. If there are leftover eCoins and there is to be a giveaway, I will have a poll and let my viewers decide for themselves when the time comes.

Thank you so much, everyone! With your help, we can make the 2014 Fantage Winter Olympics an amazing event that will be honored all over Fantage! And you, for that matter, will be famous.


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