Olympics Sign-up Booth

Sign-ups are now open!


Sponsor Sign-up

If you would like to be a sponsor, simply comment whether you would like to promote or donate for the Olympics. I will email you with specific instructions. Once I either receive the donation or you put up the banner, I will add your name to the Meet Our Sponsors page and add your donation (if you made one) to the Funds page. All sponsors get thank you gifts once the Olympics are over!

Coordinator Sign-up

Coordinators have a HUGE part in the Olympics. They are the coaches of their teams. Even though athletes have all the fun competing in the events, each athlete can only participate in 1 event. Coordinators are in charge of the team and for each sport, they are there to support their athletes. However, they have a HUGE responsibility. To join, comment your favorite place in Fantage and describe your leadership characteristics. Don’t be afraid to brag because you have to persuade me that you are a responsible Fantagian who can manage their own team.

Athlete Sign-up

Athletes definitely get a lot of fun, but they only can participate in 1 event of the whole Olympics. There are 6 sports, 5 teams, and 1 athlete per sport per team. In total, there will be 30 athletes. Athletes, like coordinators, are required to get their own uniform prior to the Olympics. But our athletes and fans are in for a surprise, which I can’t tell you yet, but I will as soon as we get all of our athletes for the Olympics! To apply, email candyo3otwins@gmail.com and title your email “Olympics Athlete Application”. Include in the email your 5 favorite places in Fantage (ranked), rank all of the sports we have available (ice skating, skiing, ice hockey, snowboarding, luge, and snowball fight), and why you want to be an athlete. There is no minimum or maximum, but really think through it, because even though sign-ups are first-come-first-serve, applicants that show little to no enthusiasm or effort will be disqualified. Athletes must be approved by candyo3otwins and, if applicable, the team coordinator.

Backup Host Sign-up – Locked


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54 thoughts on “Olympics Sign-up Booth

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      Thank you, I will put your blog and username on the Sponsors page once the banner is up.

  1. Can I be both? I want to advertise and donate if I can. I will ask my mom if she will buy me eCoins, And I will donate maybe more than half to you.

  2. My favorite place in Fantage is, Well, Downtown!

    I will try VERY hard to push my team into doing their best. I love communicating with other people, So this may be my chance! I would like my team to listen to me, If they don’t I’m just going to explode (NOT LOL). If my team loses, I will congratulate the other winning team, And urge my team to do better next time :). I will be very happy if you choose me as a coordinator, Because I am responsible. THANKS!

  3. Oh. For knowing my balance. Btw you can delete these comments if you want. They’re taking up quite a bit of space LOL.

  4. I will be a coordinator since you need somebody to be one.
    Well I am a great leader (I am going to brag a bit) because every single time I am in a group I always have to do most of the work which I like to call all and pull the group together.
    At school, I am a leader of the school for term 1 (and still allowed to wear the badge), I am a Forrest Faction Captain (green team’s captain of the whole school, so I represent the green team) and a P.A. technician.
    I have done a dare to lead program before for PEAC (it was hard but I managed?)
    I can be bossy when I want to when leading people, which I tend to be good at I guess. I tend to always lead my team (even if it’s not my team).
    Is there anymore I need to say? So I think I said the main things (I don’t really like talking about myself so I don’t say too much) I need to, to show I can be a great leader.
    My favourite place on Fantage? Well I am not sure at all. Maybe uptown and downtown since I always hang around there? Maybe? Possibly.

    • Great job on your application! It’s great to brag when in situations like this. 🙂 Thanks for volunteering, I’m sure you’ll love it! Trust me, being a coordinator is way better than being an athlete. I know you’re a great leader, so I may sound biased, but I think your team might win! 🙂 Could you possibly list other places that you like in Fantage? Perhaps the not-so-new-anymore Island, Oasis, Mt. Fantage, or Beach? It can be anything (except Downtown or Uptown as those are already taken). Thanks Sindy, and good luck! I’ll email you in a little bit with your team.

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