PlazaPoints Store

Hello! As you may know, Fantage Plaza has a PlazaPoints system.

It’s simple– you earn points, then redeem them for prizes!

Where to Redeem PlazaPoints

You can use your PlazaPoints for:
  • Store services: Boutique, Home Decorators, Travel Agency.
  • Fantage items that are posted on this page (scroll to the bottom)

Items for Sale with PlazaPoints

To redeem, comment your Fantage username, your email (can be hidden upon request), and the item you would like to redeem your PlazaPoints for. Don’t forget to mention any coupon codes if you have them! Limit one coupon code per order.

PlazaPoints code (15 points): GIFTCARD


53 thoughts on “PlazaPoints Store

    • Your account has been created! However, what I meant by Premium Plaza password was the password in the sidebar if you were following. I believe you were trying to redeem that PlazaPoint code, and I can’t redeem it for you yet because I need it in a separate email for the records. Once you follow then I can add another 15 PlazaPoints to your account too.

    • I’m not sure how her rewards system works, and I’ve seen it on a lot of non-Fantage blogs. Moreover, Mersay has an account here and is actively earning PlazaPoints so I’m sure that she would tell me if she felt it was copying her idea.

      • I used to have Fantage items up here, until Trade n’ Sell closed. I’m currently working on earning gift cards through GiftHulk and Swagbucks, and I’m about halfway done on each for a $5 giftcard. I might put up some cheaper things here, like a banner or edit, but honestly I feel that there’s nothing new in that. I also plan to redo the Boutique, which is basically an original edit shop with actual Fantagian-fitted clothes, and put up some edit kits in the Bookstore. Explore the stores and see what you can find! 🙂

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