How to Earn PlazaPoints

How to Earn PlazaPoints

  1. Become a Premium Plaza Member (15 points)
  2. Be honest in everything you do. You never know when I may award some PlazaPoints. (Points may vary)
  3. Apply for a job at Fantage Plaza. Workers get salaries of PlazaPoints. (Points may vary; click here for more information)
  4. Enter all contests held at Fantage Plaza. Often the prizes are PlazaPoints. (Points may vary)
  5. Find hidden codes around Fantage Plaza, then email them to You MUST follow the format below. (Points may vary)

PlazaPoints Code Submission latest 10/25/30

For your convenience, I have included a copy-and-paste template for you to use.

Code(s): (worth PlazaPoints)
Where I found it/them:
My Fantage Username:

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