Membership Office

Since I’m always telling people to become Premium Plaza Members, you’re probably always wondering, “Why would anybody want to do that?”

Here at the Membership Office, you are explained two things:

  • The benefits of Premium Plaza Membership
  • How to get a Premium Plaza Membership


  • 15 PlazaPoints when you sign up for a PlazaPoints account
  • Access to the Premium Plaza
  • Immediate updates of new posts
  • Privileges in contests

How to get a Premium Plaza Membership

  1. Look at the sidebar. Do you see where it says “Become a Premium Plaza Member”?
  2. Follow the directions in the sidebar.
  3. Check for a confirmation email in your inbox.
  4. Congratulations! You are officially a Premium Plaza Member. Click here to learn how to redeem the password to the Premium Plaza.

14 thoughts on “Membership Office

    • If you just followed, you still get the password, but it only counts for 3 entries.

      You know the confirmation email you get after you click “Follow”?
      If you read the message, then the password is in there. If you already deleted it or didn’t get it, then I can email you the password.

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