The Evolution of Virtual Worlds

Hi guys!

I’m so sorry for my inactivity. First of all, school has kept me so busy. Second of all, I found a new virtual game that I like much better than Fantage. It seems to me like the new virtual worlds keep improving, while the older ones begin to lose their charm… anyone else feel this way?

This is my virtual world history…

First, there was Poptropica. All little kids loved this game, where you could travel to exotic islands and become the hero and be rewarded with a shiny, gold medallion. Best part was that parents and teachers considered it educational!

Second, there was Webkinz. Stuffed animals + virtual worlds + games + friends= lots of fun for younger players! Like Poptropica, it was considered educational, but the kids playing it never felt that way!

Third, there was Fantage. The best part about this game was that there was constantly something new to blog about, but I didn’t begin blogging until late in my 2nd year of playing it. Now that it’s been three years of playing it, it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

Before and after Fantage, there was Pico World. This game was so much fun, I can’t even express it in words. I can’t believe I forgot about it in my first version of this post. In fall of 2012, it closed due to lack of staff, and I was back to playing Fantage. There’s a Japanese version, but unfortunately I am not Japanese and do not understand their language.

Fourth, there was Transformice. Mice, cheese, and shamans! I tried this briefly, and I loved it for the short time that I played! Shortly after I started, I discovered a new game that I honestly didn’t like much at first, but I began liking it quickly.

Fifth, there was ?. Really, I just don’t want to get anyone unwillingly addicted– at least not yet. It’s a virtual world obviously, and you get your own home and avatar. You can earn coins and gems, so much more easily than you can earn eCoins on Fantage. There’s a shop similar to Trade n’ Sell, and there are limited items and mystery boxes that you can get. There are hundreds of games available for you to play, and you can level up your avatar from playing this. There’s also a fun trick to level up, and it’s not exactly a cheat since it’s acknowledged by the staff. You can also add friends, hold events, dance, shop (they let you try on things before buying them!), and so much more! I’m not going to tell you which game it is yet… does anybody have any guesses?

Enough of games for now. I’d like to mention some things not related to virtual worlds:

  • Shoutout to pollee! I’m amazed by how much devotion she has shown to this blog! Thanks so much!
  • Has anyone seen Divergent yet? I went with my friends yesterday and I loved it 😀
  • Did the WordPress interface change recently? I noticed this while adding the hyperlinks… To me, it seems kind of iOS 7-ish. Not bad, just different.

Ads Begone!

UPDATE (3/5/14): This does not work with the ads that have “Want to Skip This Ad?” or “Game Will Start After This Ad” at the top. Sorry!

Hey guys!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one frustrated with Fantage’s new ads on the sidebar and before games. Seriously, trying to play Bobo Fish while your page is constantly refreshing for new sidebar ads is not fun. Neither is waiting 2 1/2 minutes to play a 30 second game just so you can complete the new Cosmic Bingo. Thankfully, I’ve found out a way to eliminate the wait time for the pre-game ads.

Honestly, the trick is so simple most of you probably figured it out. I don’t even know if I should call it a trick. But for those of you who are a bit slower in devising these tricks (like me!), here it is!

We all watch videos on Youtube, right? So I’m pretty sure we’ve all skipped to parts of the video before. You can do the same for these pre-game ads!

Go from this:


To this in one click:


And in three seconds of watching an ad fade into darkness, to this:


I’m not sure if this works for the eCoin ads, because (last time I checked) they require you to watch the whole video for the entire length.

Sorry if you figured this out a long time ago! I’m just excited because *finally* I won’t have to wait 5 times the game’s duration to watch an ad.

Trade n’ Sell Refunds

Hey guys! This is going to be a super-quick post because tomorrow I have my school spelling bee, and I’m representing my grade.

Fantage finally released the refunds; they’re pretty straightforward but you have a limit of 10 items.

Click on the sign (below) in Uptown.

tsrefunds 1


You will then see this *note: anything you are wearing now will not show up in the refunds menu*:

tsrefunds 2


Click on an item to see how much you bought it for.

tsrefunds 3

If you decide to refund an item (choose wisely!), click Get Paid. Rare items, if refunded, will level down your Rares Medal.


tsrefunds 4


Your menu will then look like this:

tsrefunds 5


Simple, right?

Unfortunately, the “safe transferrers,” those who transferred their items by trading, not selling, don’t get the huge benefit from the refunds.

Oh, and– before the refunds were released, people were confused as to whether you would get to keep your item after refunding or not. The answer is no, when you refund an item, you are giving the item back to Fantage.

P.S. 13 days, 4 hours, and 20 minutes until Christmas! ❤ Enjoy the holiday season, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas!

Charity Event, Vintage Gold, and Other Updates

Hey guys! No school today for me c: ()

Anyways, some Fantage updates (click to be taken to the coordinating section):

Charity Event
Vintage Gold Updates
Other Updates

Charity Event

This event occurs every year, and is pretty self-explanatory. Even though Fantage may not donate a whole lot (who knows their star to dollar ratio?) it’s still advocating a great cause to young children.

charity event 1

The donating screen looks like this. You can choose how many stars (100, 1,000, or 10,000) and which area to donate to (toys, clothes, or technology):

charity event 2

Most Fantagians have voted for clothes, some for technology, and even less for toys, which is great! Fantagians are becoming more worldly-wise!

charity event 3

And, as always, Fantage has prizes for donating. If you haven’t received your prizes yet, you haven’t donated. Donate some stars and then you will receive your prizes. They’re all for non-members and members alike:

charity event 4

That’s it! Before you start donating all of your stars though, you might want to read the Vintage Gold Updates.

Vintage Gold Updates

Trade n’ Sell refunds have been delayed; hopefully they’ll release it soon!

vg 12-6 1

And, next Friday (Friday the 13th), Fantage will be selling the Santa Hat:

vg 12-6 2

This is very important. It ties in with the Charity Event. If over 400 million stars have been donated already, and the event came out yesterday, it’s not a coincidence that Fantage decided to sell the Santa Hat after people have donated their stars… and people wouldn’t have seen it yesterday, because this could only be seen today, exactly a week in advance. Fantage is getting very cunning, but we Fantagians don’t have to worry– we’re smart too, and we can decipher their tricks! 😉

Other Updates

I know my blog background and header are really mismatched right now; I’ll make a new header and find a new background today! Also, athlete sign-ups will hopefully be released later today. There will be a total of 30 athletes. If you don’t get to be an athlete, don’t forget that we still need coordinators!

Stay warm!

(P.S. Want to learn how to do post and page jumps like I did? You can do it for images too! A tutorial will be coming to the Academy very soon.)

New Fashion Show & Other Updates

Hey guys! I don’t really post much about Fantage nowadays, sorry! I’m less busy today though, so yay! Unfortunately today wasn’t one of my best days.. I’m kind of having friend problems. As always, it’s just that one “friend”…

First, I have a couple of blog announcements! This Saturday I will release the new contest. I sleep late on Friday nights and wake up late on Saturday mornings, so expect the contest to be released at around noon FST. I’m also going to make a new page, but I was curious whether you guys would want to visit it or not, so shall I explain my idea?

The Bookstore will have not only my stories, but also whoever wants me to sell theirs. No no, I won’t be taking credit for anybody else’s work, but if you want to have your story in the Bookstore, you can submit it, give me your PlazaPoints account info, and choose a price. 100% of all proceeds from your products will go directly to your account, and your name will be given on the cover and inside the book. You can also submit a cover (templates will be provided) if you don’t want me to make your book look like a hardcover book without the sleeve (most of you probably see it in the library now and then).

Anyways, let me know what you think!


fashion show 11-18 banner

Now, for the Fashion Show!

Oh, by the way, before I forget– have you noticed the new home screen on Fantage? It’s pretty, isn’t it? If you haven’t, I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you, so check it out!

*Note: New places, events, and such are always a bit glitchy, and of course, people make mistakes too. Please correct me if any of my content is misleading!

fashion show 11-19 info

fashion show 11-19 beach info

fashion show 11-19 exterior

Ooh, pretty. The color scheme makes it look a bit too fantasy-like but overall I actually like it!

fashion show 11-19 interior

The interior is completely rearranged, and they’re still working on the VIP room. I’ll be a member in January for the Olympics, I’ll show you a picture then if its released!

I didn’t want to include useless pictures, since most of it is self-explanatory, but I included this picture because it has a lot of information of each type of Fashion Show:

fashion show 11-19 host

fashion show 11-19 stage

I hosted a Fashion Show, but I was surprised to see that there were 4 rounds, not 3, and themes have also been updated:

fashion show 11-19 winner

fashion show 11-19 themes

Is the new round one of the new renovations? Or am I just glitching? I didn’t see it on the info poster, it seems like a pretty big update, at least more important than the DJ booth… (you can see it in the background of the second picture)

Oh, and one more thing about the Fashion Show: how do you change the backgrounds? I, clueless as always, couldn’t figure out. 😛

Moving on from the Fashion Show itself…

There is a new medal, for nonmembers and members alike, that can earn you up to 20 levels!

fasshion show 11-19 medal

Also, the inventory has been updated! New favorite lists have been added and items have now been labeled! You can also sort items by color.

fashion show 11-19 inventory

So, now you tell me– what do you guys think about the Bookstore and Fashion Show?

Last chance to trade with me!

Last updated on November 3.

This is the LAST CHANCE to trade Fantage items with me!

I am going to trade or sell everything that I have two or more of. When I trade my last spare of that type of item, then it will be added under “Removed Items.” Starred items will only be traded to members. If I approve your comment but do not reply just yet, remember that I share my Fantage account and have to consult with my friend before making a decision.

Daily Spin items are not included, but if you want one, let me know, because I have like 48 pink dresses (I use them to transfer; before I had nearly 100) and 5 rainbow boards (which I used to sell in the way beginning).

The newest coined items will be added at the top and will be labeled, so check for updates between now and Nov. 7!

Coined items: may change


November 3

winter green dressblack sidebang ribbon

November 2

shaggy brown game show host hair futuristic dress flash sale rainbow dress caterpillar hair candycane winter green wafer board popstar pink pink braids bear hat mouse band heart earrings blue braids new years hair schoolgirl dress gold sidebang ribbon painted rose cupid arrow pink pigtails tire board futuristic hair wizards cape


Removed items:

blue one tat

Traded! Thank you, Ellie!


Starred items: most likely will not change


November 2

purple power dress bunny tee


Removed items: