Candyo3otwins’ Desired Trades

I have Prom Hair.

  • It is coined.
  • I want Winter Green.

I have Blue One Tattoo.

  • It is coined.
  • I want Blue Geek Frames.

I have Bunny Tee.

  • It is starred.
  • I want Celeb Crown (any color).

I have Black Boots.

  • It is coined.
  • I don’t know what I want.

I have Wafer Board.

  • It is coined.
  • I don’t know what I want.

I have Surfer Hair.

  • It is coined.
  • I don’t know what I want.

42 thoughts on “Candyo3otwins’ Desired Trades

  1. Hi, candyo3otwins,

    For the blue one tattoo, I can try to get you blue geek frames. If I can’t get them would you like 2-3 items for the one tattoo? I’m willing to give Earthy style hair, Wintergreen hair, Limited Purple Swimsuit, Sandy Blonde hair, Retired Teddy Bear board, Intriguing Blonde, Pink Limited Devil Horns, and/or Brown Basketball hair. All coined. You can pick any 2-3 items, but please only pick 1 out of the Earthy and Wintergreen. This does require double trading, and since you don’t know me, I’m willing to accept first, since you run a blog, and your honest and very nice! I also have PBH for trade but I want pointer and I also have starred red gym shorts and CC for trade. Bye, love your blog! ❤ 🙂

    Have a good weekend,
    ~ aNeon Nutella ❤

    • Hi Neon Nutella (love your name)!

      As of now, I really just want blue geek frames. Your offer is very sincere, and I respect that you trust me, regardless of the fact that we are almost strangers to each other. Thank you.
      If there is anything else that you want, please let me know and I’ll consider trading!

      Thanks again!

      • Hey!

        Haha, thanks, I don’t remember what it was first thought of for…Hmmm…Oh! My Club Penguin. I had one of those rubber bracelets on…It was neon green… (I lost it like a year ago.. ._.) And I noticed it, and I just so happened to be eating Nutella…So, that’s how my name came to be! Hehe, pretty random, right? xD

        Anyways, oh, your welcome! It’s true! You seem really honest, fair, and your totally awesome! I love your blog! Would you like anything I mentioned? It’s all for trade! 😀 I have more stuff, but there rares/store-bought and I doubt you’d want any but if you do, tell me! Is there any other item your looking for specifically? I may have it OR I can help you get it!

        Oh, and I hope you have fun on your school field trip! I’ve been zip-lining before, it’s so fun! Your gonna love it! I wish you all the best, and hope you don’t get eaten by a bear while hiking, LOL, just kidding :P.

        ~ Stay safe, and have a great time! Bye! 🙂 ttyl 🙂

        Good night!! xoxo

        Have an awesome weekend!
        ~ Neon Nutella ♥

      • Lol, I love your creativity!
        Do you want Prom Hair for Winter Green or Earthy Style?
        I’m a really picky trader, so I understand if you are too. I won’t feel bad if you choose to deny 😉

        Thanks for the wishes by the way; I’m really excited. Only 9 more days! Too bad I’ll have to wake up at 4:30 the day we leave, to be on the bus on time!

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